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Site Office is a landscape architectural consultancy specialising in the design of innovative and high quality public spaces. For the past 10 years, we have been working steadily on a range of projects with a strong public realm focus, exploring different strategies designed to improve the quality of many urban spaces within the city. We are advocates of innovative landscape design solutions that become the catalyst for change within the urban environment.

We are particularly interested in the myriad of wonderful and often unpredictable ways in which people inhabit and use public space. The beauty of public space is it’s multiplicity and complexity; as such we explore design strategies that avoid simplification and reduction and seek to draw out the inherent richness and diversity of the site and its inhabitants. Our work focuses strongly on developing functional designs that offer multiple and new ways of experiencing public space. We are also interested in the overlap and interaction of different uses that often results in spontaneous and unexpected interactions.

We understand the importance of public space in promoting positive connections between people, particularly in an era that is increasingly focused on the individual rather than the community. Our design projects seek to engender a strong sense of community ownership and pride in the site, to ensure the ongoing success of the design well after the designers have left.